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Full name:
Ralph Nathaniel Fiennes (In case you didn't know (let's get this out of the way)): It is pronounced "Rayf Fines." "Ralph" is pronounced in the Old English manner, as "Rafe."

Date of birth:
December 22, 1962


Marital Status:
Ralph and his RADA classmate, actress Alex Kingston, were married in September 1993. As of October 13, 1995 an official announcement was made that they had separated, and they have since divorced.

Alex performed the title role in PBS' Masterpiece Theatre production of "Moll Flanders" (broadcast in October 1996), for which she has received a BAFTA nomination, and now has a role on the American show "ER" as Doctor Elizabeth Corday. Ralph's current partner is the actress Francesca Annis, who played Gertrude to his Hamlet in 1995, and also has a cameo in the 1999 film "Onegin" with Ralph.

Religious Background:
Ralph was raised Catholic but he said he, "chucked it all in before I was confirmed."

Family info:
Ralph was born in Suffolk, England to parents Mark and Jini Fiennes. The family moved several times during Ralph's growing up, including a move to Ireland when he was six years old. Ralph's father is a farmer turned self-taught photographer. His works have been published many times. His mother was a painter and a novelist who published under the name "Jennifer Lash." Some of her works include:

Jini Fiennes passed away in 1993 from breast cancer, at the age of 54. She lived to attend a private advance screening of "Schindler's List." Ralph's father remarried in 1996.

Ralph is the eldest of six children. His siblings' names (followed by their occupations) are:

(Courtesy of Sue Burton) Ranulph ("Ran") Fiennes, the arctic explorer, novelist and all-round over-achiever (he walked across Antarctica at the age of 50 with one other chap) and Ralph are 2nd cousins of some sort, as Ranulph is the great-grandson of Frederick Fiennes, 16th Baron of Saye and Sele and Ralph is the great-great-grandson of the 4th son of the 17th Baron. Ranulph's grandpa Eustace (the second son of the 17th Baron) was granted a Baronecy of his own in 1916 -- so, Ranulph Fiennes is actually Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes. Grandpa was an MP and Governor of the Secheylles and Leeward; papa Ranulph was a Lt. Col. who died in WWII. Ranulph, who is the 3rd Bt., has spent the last 25 years on various expeditions and writing books.

Ralph's family comes down from Wingfield the 4th son (brother to said Eustace & to Cecil and Ivo). Wingfield Stratford was Rector of Milton Keynes and married the daughter of the Dean of Worchester; they had Alberic Arthur who married Gertrude Colley (sister to novelist Elizabeth Bowen's mum, making her cousin to Maurice et al.) who begot Maurice Alberic who was a business tycoon type (knighted in 1965 for services, etc). Maurice married (his first marriage) Sylvia Joan Finlay, dau. of Major Finlay, late of the Dragoon Guards. They had Mark (wouldn't take money from dad, tried farming, became a noted photographer) who married Jennifer Lash the novelist and painter (who, of course, turns out not to have been just some girl, but one Jennifer Ann Mary Alleyne, dau. of Brigadier Lash, late Indian Army).

Education and Career:
Ralph originally planned to be a painter. He attended the Chelsea College of Art and Design then transferred to RADA (the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) where he began his training as an actor. Ralph is a member of the RADA class of 1985. Classmates include: Jane Horrocks, Iain Glenn, and Imogen Stubbs. After graduation from RADA, Ralph joined the National Theatre Company in 1987. He joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1988.

Favorite actor:
Harvey Keitel. Others he admires: Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, Paul Scofield (who played his father in "Quiz Show.").

Some musical likings:
CURRENT: Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday. FORMER: Bach, Dead Can Dance (possibly), Crowded House, the Stranglers, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Patti Smith.

Some Favorite Authors:
Cormac McCarthy and (early works of) Michael Ondaatje.


-As a student at RADA he received The Kendal, Emile Littler, and Forbes-Robertson Awards.


Member of the Royal Shakespeare Company from 1988-90
Ralph's RSC work (followed by the role he played):

His Barbican Theatre work:
His work for The Regent's Park Open Air Theatre:
His work for the Almeida Theatre Company:
Other theatre work:


The following is a list of Ralph's film work, followed by the year and the character he portrayed:





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The "Charlie Rose" interviews can be ordered by calling 1-800-ALL-NEWS. Request show #1035 for the interview for "Schindler's List". Other Charlie Rose interviews include one for "The End of The Affair" and one featuring Ralph with Joseph and Sophie Fiennes discussing their late mother Jennifer Lash and her novel "Blood Ties" (not sure of the show numbers for the last two appearances)

"A Dangerous Man," "Baby of Macon," and "Wuthering Heights" are all available from The Continental Shop (in California). The tapes are pretty expensive (approximately $45.00 including shipping), and the picture quality is not perfect (possibly due to the conversion from PAL format). The telephone number for The Continental Shop is (310)453-8655. In the U.K., you can probably find them at Tower Records (and other places as well!).

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This Ralph Fiennes FAQ was begun on America Online by a number of people, then was regularly compiled by our dear friend Julie ( until time no longer allowed her to update and send it out regularly. We are truly following in her footseps, and most of what you see here is thanks to her hard work and research! Our thanks to Julie and all who have contributed to making the FAQ possible.

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