Total Film Interview January 2003 Judith
Premiere Magazine Article January 2003 Dar
Sight & Sound Spider Article January 2003 Linda
Calgary Sun Interview January 12, 2003 Dar
Early Show Article February 25, 2003 Ruth Article March 3, 2003 El Stepho
Newhouse News Serivce Interview March 3, 2003 Dolores
Edmonton Journal Interview March 8, 2003 Dolores
Sunday Telegraph Interview April 13, 2003 Anita
Evening Mail Article April 25, 2003 Marcella
Sydney Morning Herald Article April 26, 2003 Anita
Sunday Times (UK) Interview May 11, 2003 Dolores
Independent (UK) Interview May 12, 2003 Ruth
RSC Brand Interview Summer 2003 Claire

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