RF Diary from trip to Romania for UNICEF January 2000 Evelyn
Dr. Drew Interview January 2000 Sandy
JETZT Mag (Germany) Article January 2000 Paula/Beate
Ralph Quote on "Success" January 2000 ???
Dallas Morning News Interview January 2, 2000 Tallie
IndieWIRE RF Interview January 5, 2000 Dar
Daily News (New York) Onegin Article January 6, 2000 Cindy
Minnesota Star Tribune Interview January 7, 2000 Cindy
Calgary Sun TEOTA Interview January 16, 2000 Tallie
Parkinson Show (UK) Transcript January 21, 2000 Paula
Express (UK) Interview January 29, 2000 Paula
Daily Telegraph (UK) Article February 1, 2000 Cindy
Guardian (UK) Interview February 4, 2000 Paula
Sunday Times (UK) Interview February 6, 2000 Dar
Western Daily Press Article February 11, 2000 Cindy
Independent (UK) RF Profile February 12, 2000 Cindy
Wow (Ireland) Interview Februray 22, 2000 Dar
BBC Online UNICEF Article Februray 23, 2000 Dar
Empire Online UNICEF Article February 23, 2000 Dar
Focus Magazine (Germany) Article March 2000 Marcella
Sunday Herald (UK) Interview March 26, 2000 Cindy
Fotogramas Mag (Spain) Interview April 2000 Mari-Carmen
Joy Mag (Germany) Interview April 2000 Marcella & Sibylle
Empire Mag (UK) Sunshine Interview April 2000 Paula
Dutch TV Guide Article April 7, 2000 Tara
Evening Standard (UK) Sunshine Article April 18, 2000 Paula
The People (Ireland) BT Article May 7, 2000 Cindy
LA Times Sunshine Interview June 11, 2000 Nic
USA Today Sunshine Interview June 12, 2000 Elizabeth
Detroit Free Press Interview June 20, 2000 Nicole C.
VIVA Mag (Holland) Interview June 20, 2000 Janine
Urban Cinefile Interview July 27, 2000 Laurie
Talk Magazine Article September 2000 Mary
US Elle Magazine Article September 2000 Mary
New York Time Out Magazine Article September 2000 Dolores
Arete Magazine (UK) Article September 2000 (Vol. 3) Jan
New York Times BAM Article September 3, 2000 Nicole
New York Times Coriolanus Article September 3, 2000 Nicole
NY Citysearch Interview September 19, 2000 Dar
Madame Mag (Germany) Article October 2000 Crystal
LA Daily News Interview December 20, 2000 Nic
Today Show Transcript January 4, 2001 Cindy
Australian Entertainment Guide Interview January 5, 2001 Paula
Bild Magazine (Germany) Article February 2001 Leonie
Washington (D.C.) Post Article March 5, 2001 Mary
Washington (D.C.) Times Article March 5, 2001 Mary
RF on Regent's Park Open Air Theatre Unknown Zhu
East Anglian Daily News Article October 25, 2001 Dar
Evening Star Article October 25, 2001 Barbara
Daily Telegraph Article by RF December 14, 2001 Delores

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