Australian Vogue Interview January 1998 Belinda W.
E! On-Line Interview January 1998 El Stepho
Weekend Australian Magazine January 1998 Alicia Page
French Premiere Avengers Article January 1998 Debnwal
Cinemania Interview January 1998 Nicole Campos
Santa Monica Outlook Interview January 2, 1998 Paula Howell
Drama-Logue Article January 8-14, 1998 Paula Howell
Toronto Star Interview January 9, 1998 S. Kappa & L. Crawford
Buzz Weekly Interview January 9-15, 1998 Laurel Wilson
SF Chronicle Interview January 18, 1998 Paula Howell
Boston Globe O&L Article January 18, 1998 MaryAnn Visniewski
Australian Metro Magazine January 18, 1998 El Stepho
USA Today Article January 22, 1998 Paula Howell
Electronic Telegraph Avengers Article January 24, 1998 Valerie Lyne
Philadelphia Inquirer Article January 25, 1998 Tara Schumacher
Copley News Service Article February 2, 1998 Joan Noel
Austin-American Statesman February 20, 1998 Paula Howell
Aussie Harper's Bazaar Interview March 1998 Irene Leong
Film '98 Interview March 9, 1998 Yvonne T.
Moscow Times Article March 11, 1998 Joan Noel
People Magazine Article March 23, 1998 Paula Howell
Star Interview April 2 & 3, 1998 El Stepho
Glasgow Herald Article April 4, 1998 Joan Noel
Newsday Article June 1998 Binu Paulose
Australian Good Taste Magazine June 1998 Helen Hodgman
GQ Magazine Article July 1998 Paula Howell
Entertainment Tonight Interview August 1998 Paula Howell
Ultimate TV Interview August 1998 El Stepho
Sunday Mirror (UK) Article August 2, 1998 Nicole C.
Vancouver TV Week August 8-14, 1998 Patti
PA News Features August 13, 1998 Paula Howell
Daily Mirror (UK) Article August 14, 1998 Gabrielle Kuhn
Sky TV Guide Interview September 1998 Sarah Isitt
Straits Times Asia Article September 13, 1998 Irene Leong
Maclean's Magazine Article November 2, 1998 Paula Howell
"Taste Of Sunshine" Early Notes December 1998 Paula Howell
The New Paper (Singapore) POE Article December 16, 1998 Irene Leong

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