Sky Magazine February 1996 El Stepho
Empire Magazine Interview April 1996 Paula Howell
MAX Magazine Article May 1996 Karina T.
Vogue Magazine September 1996 Zeliha Ertuna
Daily Telegraph October 19, 1996 Joan Noel
W Magazine Article November 1996 El Stepho
Interview Magazine November 1996 Zeliha Ertuna
Sydney Morning Herald November 14, 1996 El Stepho
US Magazine December 1996 El Stepho
Highbury & Islington Express January 31, 1997 Lana & Ljiljana
British Vogue February 1997 Sally Burnham
E! Channel Pre-Oscar Interview March 1997 Ann Kosinski
8 Days Magazine March 1997 Irene Leong
BBC Film '97 Interview March 1997 Janine
Parade Magazine Article March 9, 1997 Zeliha Ertuna
Film & TV Weekly 15-21 March 1997 El Stepho
Woman's Own Magazine March 17, 1997 Linda Polin
New Weekly Magazine April 7, 1997 Irene Leong
Ivanov in Moscow May 4, 1997 Janine
Highlife Magazine July 1997 Stephanie Gowin
Blood Ties BBC2 Transcript October 1997 Irene Leong
Los Angeles Magazine November 1997 Paula Howell
LA Times Avengers November 23, 1997 Tallie S.
Elle Magazine December 1997 Paula Howell
Speak Up Magazine December 1997 Carme Guitart
Prairie Miller O&L Interview December 1997 Nerys
Time OUT London Interview December 17-23, 1997 Lana & Ljiljana
Associated Press O&L interview December 24, 1997 Barbara F.
CNN O&L Interview December 31, 1997 Tallie S.
Patrick Stoner Interview Date unknown, 1997 Sally Charette

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