"Expressions" Article (UK) Date unknown, 1990 Paula Howell
Sunday Times Date unknown, 1990 Nicole Campos
London Times Interview June 23, 1991 El Stepho
British Elle Magazine October 1992 Jodi Gerstman
Entertainment Weekly Interview March 4, 1994 Zeliha Ertuna
GQ Article August 1994 Zeliha Ertuna
Premiere Magazine September 1994 Carrie N.
People Magazine Article September 26, 1994 Zeliha Ertuna
German Vogue Article February 1995 Linda/Paula H.
Studio Magazine February 1995 Carrie N.
The Billen Interview February 1995 Paula Howell
British GQ March 1995 El Stepho
New York Times Article April 30, 1995 Paula Howell
New Yorker Magazine May 1995 El Stepho
Time Out New York October 4-11, 1995 El Stepho
Associated Press Interview November 15, 1995 Teri Kronberg
Vanity Fair Article November 1995 El Stepho
Hello Article 1995 Zeliha Ertuna

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