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Its 1997 and I have returned to work in Finland. Winter isn't so bad here, its a lot less windy than in Toronto and I think that the temperatures are similar. I have moved to my own flat now and there is a link to am image of this place if you wish to check it out. Other than that I am just basically surviving, scrounging and eagerly awaiting the Finnish spring and summer.

I am selling off some of my stuff so you might want to check the 'For Sale'section of my web page when I get around to putting it up. If you would like more information please respond via e-mail to my Canadian EMAIL address mikeg@the-wire.com

The main goal of my home page is to share some links that I have found useful, informative, entertaining, entertaining or even just mildly interesting to my self. In the process I hope to actually put some real or unique content on this page so that it is not just a mere collection of link's.

The secondary goals of my web page are to let my friends(I think I have some) know what I'm doing, where I am and what's up in general. Also, I hope people who I correspond with via EMAIL can look here to find out a bit more about me.

Picture of me Ok, I realize this picture is from February 96. Soon, I hope to put up some images of places I've visited while away from home and perhaps a more recent picture. Now you can at least see where I live thanks to the 'Helsinki-Kamera' site run by YLE, a finnish broadcasting company which provides live images of my building.By the way, my head does not spin like Mort's does unless I have had enough beer or Koskenkorva (Finnish Grain Alcohol). Neat little picture of a mad hacker(me at work) Mort's spinning head

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Bowng, chick-a-chick, bowng-bowng!

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